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Professional Turn-Key Option

We offer a complete turn-key package. Our team will confirm your selections, or help you determine what is best for your home, assuring a perfect fit! After orders are placed, we  provide updates then receive the furnishings, and deliver them to the home.  


We will donate your old furniture and set up your new furnishings, including hanging art, bedding and more.


We will photograph the updated unit and provide the photographs to you for your promotion purposes. Your updates will increase your  personal enjoyment as well as increase revenue for your property. 

Total your items and choose a service: No cost installation items: Lamps, Art, pillows, and bedding.

Basic Service Package

Professional installation and Photography 

1-4 items $350.00

Gold Service Package

Professional Installation and Photography

10-14 Items  $799.00

Silver Service Package

Professional Installation and Photography

5-9 Items $499.00

Platinum Service Package

Professional Installation and Photography 

15-20 Items  $999.00

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Select a service you're interested in

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